Gain Bass Without Losing Space – Best Free Air Subwoofers

1 free-air-subwoofer-mountingOne of the major issues about including a subwoofer or a number of subs to your car audio system is that they occupy a great deal of space. When you put a large, giant square box in the boot, you find that great deals of nooks and crannies that were formerly available are now impossible to get at.

To add fuel to the fire, subwoofer boxes made with thick MDF panels– which is the favored product for subwoofer enclosures– are rather hefty. A dual subwoofer enclosure made to house in 2 12 ″ inch subwoofers for instance can weight approximately 30-60 pounds– weight whose fare you spend for at the gas station every single time you fill the storage tank up.

So, exactly what is the ideal means to add a subwoofer to your car audio system without shedding the majority of the readily available freight space? Well, there are a few great services readily available such as utilizing powered subwoofers or under seat subwoofers. A free air subwoofer is one more simple, space-saving mounting kind where the subwoofers utilize the trunk space as their enclosure.

Free air subwoofer is an excellent option for those that intend to include punch as well as existence to their songs without giving up the entire cargo location on their cars.

What Is a Free Air Subwoofer?

2free-air-subwoofer-installation-type-1A totally free– air subwoofer is the easiest subwoofer mounting type, yet it calls for especially designed subwoofers. Free air subwoofers do not call for a mounting box in order to work successfully.

In a free-air arrangement, subwoofers are generally placed either in the rear deck or affixed to a board positioned between the backseats of a car as well as the trunk. This board makes an impermeable seal and transforms the whole trunk right into an enclosure– this is also called infinite baffle (IB) design (more on that later).

3free-air-subwoofer-installation-types-2It needs to be kept in mind, nevertheless, that using a free-air subwoofer may jeopardize sound top quality, at least somewhat.

A free-air subwoofer won’t sound whatsoever like a subwoofer installed in a carefully-designed enclosure. Additionnaly, anything that you put in the trunk may protect against the sub( s) to sound as excellent as it meant to, which could be an aggravation to the basic usage of one’s automobile.

One thing to remember is that when you’re mounting a sub or a few subs in your rear deck or behind the backseats, It’s extremely recommended to utilize some deadening product like Dynamat or Hushmat in the trunk so you could improve sound performance.

Free-Air VERSUS infinite baffle

We regularly get asked regarding the difference between free-air as well as infinite baffle. Well, they’re relatively the same thing. However, technically, in infinite baffle setup, the front and rear waves are entirely isolated to ensure that they don’t disrupt each other, while In a free-air configuration, front and rear waves have some communication. Some people make use of both terms ex-changeably, and there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with that.

3 Finest Free Air Subwoofers Reviews

Kicker 10C84 Review

Kicker 10C84 (10C8-4) 8" Single 4 ohm Car Subwoofers
Kicker 10C84 (10C8-4) 8″ Single 4 ohm Car SubwoofersBuy from Amazon

The brother of the 10C104. The main difference in between that subwoofer and this one is the dimension. The Kicker 10C104 is 10 inch in dimension, while the 10C84 is simply 8 inch.

Both subs look the same. They’re made with very same top quality materials. However, given that the The Kicker 10C104 has a bigger woofer cone, it could move much more air, as well as produce even more bass compared to the 10C84.

The Kicker 10C84 would certainly be a great investment for any person that’s seeking a suitable totally free air subwoofer to mount in the rear deck opening. You can also use it as a replacement for your manufacturing facility set up subwoofer. It’s ranked 100 watts RMS and also has a sensitivity rating of 85 dB.

Just like all Kicker Comp subwoofers, the 10C84 could be placed in ported and sealed enclosures. It’s also suitable for free-air use.

Kicker 10C84 Specifications

  • Subwoofer size:
  • Power Handling
    • RMS: 100 watts
    • Optimal: 200 watts
  • Frequency Action: 30-500 Hz
  • Nominal Resistance: 4 ohm
  • Top-mount depth: 4-1/16 ″.
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB.

Kicker Comp 10C104 Review.

Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer 4 Ohm (Black)
Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer 4 Ohm (Black)Buy from Amazon

Kicker is among the very best car subwoofer brand names out there. They’ve been around for quite a very long time. As well as they’ve grasped the art of giving quality item for an affordable price.

Kicker subwoofers are several of the best selling subs on the marketplace. They seem to be well-liked. They’re extremely well crafted and also most notably, they’re very budget friendly.

The 10C104 is one of the most effective cost-free air subwoofers that Kicker has to supply. It’s 10-Inch in size, as well as it can manage a decent amount of power on continuous basis.

The Kicker Comp 10C104 is rated for a sensitivity score of 86 dB. It could take care of approximately 150 watts RMS. It appropriates for both sealed and also ported enclosures, along with free-air use.

The Kicker 10C104 showcases a flex-resistant polypropylene cone with 360-degree back supporting for compelling lows without distortion. Its ribbed foam surround offers long expedition as well as maintains the cone on target, while the double stitching ensures reputable performance under heavy bass lots.

Our only issue about this subwoofer is its relatively weak sensitivity rating of 86 dB. Sensitivity goes together with power to accomplish high sound output. Simply put, the greater the sensitivity, the less power required to generate the same amount of sound as a design with a reduced sensitivity ranking. For instance a subwoofer with a sensitivity rating that’s 3 dB above one more sub just requires fifty percent as much power to supply the very same quantity of sound.

Kicker 10C104 Specifications.

  • Subwoofer size: 10 ″.
  • Power Handling.
    • RMS: 150 watts.
    • Peak: 300 watts.
  • Frequency Action: 30-500 Hz.
  • Small Impedance: 4 ohm.
  • Top-mount depth: 5 ″.
  • Sensitivity: 86.2 dB.

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2.

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max Power
Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer with 600 Watts Max PowerBuy from Amazon

The Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 is another wonderful totally free air subwoofer. This 8 inch shallow-mount sub with a mounting depth of simply 2-5/8 ″ is designed to bring terrific bass to automobiles where traditional subs will not typically fit.

The TS-SW2002D2 showcases a large cone made of MICA injection-molded resin that relocates a lot more air as well as provides accurate louder bass. It’s rated for 150 watts RMS as well as has a sensitivity ranking of 86 dB.

We’ve found numerous people that have used the TS-SW2002D2 subwoofer as a direct fit replacement for their OEM subwoofer, and it functions like magic. This subwoofer will certainly also work quite well in free-air applications along with in sealed and ported enclosures.

Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 Specifications.

  • Subwoofer dimension: 8 ″.
  • Power Handling.
    • RMS: 150 watts.
    • Peak: 600 watts.
  • Frequency Reaction: 20-200 Hz.
  • Mounting depth: 2-5/8 ″.
  • Impedance: dual 2 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB.

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