Cerwin Vega Car Speakers

Cerwin-Vega is just one of the most acknowledged names in the mobile audio industry. They were founded in 1954, as well as have been making top quality item since. If you frequent any of the prominent car audio discussion forums, you’ll observe that the name “Cerwin-Vega” comes up quite a bit. They generate a wide range of professional audio components, residence stereo, as well as car audio components (speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers).

Cerwin-Vega is (and always has been) introducing. Their tradition extends back more than 60 years packed with development, expertise, and commitment to customer fulfillment. They rapidly went far for themselves in the loudspeaker industry as well as expanded bigger and swiftly from their facility in 1954 with the intro of large high effectiveness 18″ speaker with the ability of generating 130 dB in SPL at 30 Hz. That was an incredible degree back then. Three years later on, Cerwin-Vega went an action in advance and also presented the world’s initial strong state amplifier, ranked at 125 RMS, which was a true power house by the requirements of its time. These innovations established Vega as a firm to be reckoned with.

Cerwin-Vega has grown to the globe’s biggest audio component producer. Their substantial lineup of car speakers covers most shapes and sizes from tiny 4 inch and also 5.25 inch speakers to mid-size 6X8 and 6.5 speakers to big 6X9 back deck speakers. Numerous of these speakers are readily available in both coaxial and component style.

In this post, we’ll be looking and evaluating a few Cerwin Vega car speakers. For individuals who intend on replacing their factory-installed speakers for a long time, the Cerwin-Vega marque is a very compelling choice.

The question we want to respond to is: For people who have access to loads of various other car speakers from just as many brand names, are Cerwin-Vega car speakers worth the price? Let’s discover.

CERWIN VEGA V469 Speakers Review

 CERWIN VEGA V469 6-Inch x 9-Inch 500 Watts Max/100Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set
CERWIN VEGA V469 6-Inch x 9-Inch 500 Watts Max/100Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set Buy from Amazon

Vega series speakers feature the very same look and also design. You could typically acknowledge these speakers at 100 feet. The Vega signature red surround is exactly what makes these speakers stand out from the rest.

The V469 6X9 inch 2-way coaxial speakers feature fairly large woofer cones, so their bass will certainly sound much fuller as well as punchy than their 6.5 equivalents. These speakers could take care of up to 100 watts of power RMS. And also as with all the speakers we consisted of in this overview, the V469 speakers are rather responsive. They’re rated for 94 dB sensitivity score. Their 1 Inch titanium dome tweeters include the enjoyment of brilliant music information without a trace of cruelty.


CERWIN VEGA V469 Specifications

  • Size: 6X9
  • Design: 2-Way Coaxial
  • Power Handling
    • Height: 500 watts
    • RMS: 100 watts
  • Level of sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Regularity array: 45– 20,000 Hz
  • Top-mount deepness: 3.43 Inch
  • Insusceptibility: 4 ohms


 CERWIN VEGA V465C 6.5-Inch 400 Watts Max/100Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Component Speaker Set
CERWIN VEGA V465C 6.5-Inch 400 Watts Max/100Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Component Speaker Set Buy from Amazon

The V465C is just one of CERWIN VEGA’s best 6.5 component speakers. These speakers are created from scratch with high quality in mind. They can deal with up to 100 watts of power on continuous basis as well as are rated for a sensitivity rating of 94 dB, which is fairly impressive. Speaker’s level of sensitivity in its simplest type is defined as the speakers’ capability to effectively transform power into sound. So, the greater the level of sensitivity score, the less power is needed. With that claimed, as well as despite their high level of sensitivity ranking, it’s extremely recommended that your pair the V465C speakers up to an outside amplifier for optimal sound high quality. Do not get me incorrect, these speakers will certainly sound terrific running off your manufacturing facility stereo, but they’ll truly shine when driven by an aftermarket head unit or an external amp.

The CERWIN VEGA V465C speakers feature 1 ″ titanium dome tweeters which permit inspiring high-frequency definition. They showcase Curvilinear mica fiber composite cones sustained by heavy red rubber surround. The Curvilinear Cone Layout allows for Superior Mid-Bass as well as Off-Axis Efficiency. So, whether, you mount these speakers in you car’s doors or in the rear deck, you’ll have the ability to appreciate the clear vocals, chunky guitar riffs, and also other musical details that have actually constantly been a part of your music, but have remained covert behind your damaged factory-installed speakers.

If I had to choose some disadvantages for the CERWIN VEGA V465C speakers, it would certainly be their relatively slim frequency range. While many speakers in this classification can get to as reduced as 35 Hz, the V465C speakers are stuck at 55 Hz. This may verify a significant problem specifically for individuals that often listen to bass hefty songs, unless a subwoofer has already been mounted in the car to handle the lows.

CERWIN VEGA V465C Specifications

  • Size: 6.5
  • Layout: 2-Way Component
  • Power Handling
    • Height: 400 watts
    • RMS: 100 watts
  • Level of sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Regularity variety: 55– 20,000 Hz
  • Top-mount depth: 2.78 ″.
  • Resistance: 4 ohms.


 CERWIN VEGA XED62 XED 6.5-Inch 300 Watts Max 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set
CERWIN VEGA XED62 XED 6.5-Inch 300 Watts Max 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set Buy from Amazon

Considering the CERWIN VEGA XED62 speaker’s specifications, we can readily see that these speakers are clearly outplayed by the majority of the other leading speakers we listed below. The Cerwin Vega XED62 speakers can take care of only 30 watts RMS, yet they’re quite responsive (rated for a sensitivity score of 94 dB).

The XED62 speakers economical, but they plainly will not sound along with even more high-end speakers. Still, they could absolutely get the job done for around $40. They excel entry-level speakers if you intend to examine the waters before upgrading to something a little advanced.


Cerwin Vega XED62 Specifications.

  • Dimension: 6.5.
  • Design: 2-Way Coaxial.
  • Power Handling.
    • Height: 300 watts.
    • RMS: 30 watts.
  • Level of sensitivity: 94 dB.
  • Regularity array: 60– 18,000 Hz.
  • Top-mount deepness: 2.2 ″.
  • Resistance: 4 ohms.

CERWIN VEGA V465 Speakers Review.

 CERWIN VEGA V465 6.5-Inch 400 Watts Max/75Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set
CERWIN VEGA V465 6.5-Inch 400 Watts Max/75Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set Buy from Amazon

The bro of the V465C, the major distinction between that set of speakers as well as this set is the design. The V465C are component speakers while the V465 are coaxial speakers. The difference in between component and also coaxial speakers is in fact fairly basic, but I’ll proceed as well as shed some light on this issue.

Coaxial speakers– likewise known as full-range speakers– are one of the most common kind of car speakers. Most inexpensive automobiles are equipped with this kind of speakers. Coaxial speakers integrate all their sound drivers in one framework to save money on money as well as room, and permit a simple installation. In their very simplest form they consist of a woofer for the radio frequencies recreation, and a tweeter placed into the woofer to create the highs. Some coaxial speakers additionally include a super-tweeter to manage the highest possible regularities.

Component speakers on the various other hand make use of a different approach. Their drivers (tweeters, woofers and crossovers) are divided from each various other– every one of which come designed to operate in conjunction with each other. This lowers frequency disturbance and improves sound clearness.

Component speakers are usually a bit extremely valued compared to full-range speakers. They could likewise be difficult to set up.

Since you recognize the difference in between component as well as coaxial speakers, choosing in between the V465 (Cerwin Vega Coaxial speakers) as well as the V465C (Cerwin Vega Component speakers) is a matter of choice. Both versions are made with the very same products and also have the same specifications– offer or take.

CERWIN VEGA V465 Specifications.

  • Dimension: 6.5.
  • Design: 2-Way Coaxial.
  • Power Handling.
    • Top: 400 watts.
    • RMS: 75 watts.
  • Level of sensitivity: 94 dB.
  • Frequency array: 55– 20,000 Hz.
  • Top-mount deepness: 2.78 ″.
  • Insusceptibility: 4 ohms.

If you’re an experienced audiophile, as well as you want to fork over some serious dough, right here are some fantastic Cerwin Vega speakers for you:.


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